Sakarians Say 'Rail System is a Must'

sakaryalilar rail system says sart
sakaryalilar rail system says sart

Increasing population and developing each passing day, the biggest problem in Sakarya indicating that the citizens of traffic, rail system is the only solution, he said. Citizens claiming to be late for the rail system, reacted to the Metropolitan.

With the increase in the population of each passing city, as well as the increase in the number of vehicles, the traffic problem begins to grow gradually. Finally, Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce, after his trip to South Korea, the rail system sat on the agenda of our city again. Citizens on the other hand, the rail system will add a separate air in our province, as well as provide relief in the opinion of transportation.


Erhan Tekbaş; “I would definitely like to want to come to the city that gives the air to people who come from the outside gives a beauty to the second rail system, both gasoline and electricity do not burn, so I think it would be a nice nostalgia for air pollution. This project is definitely too late for Sakarya. Look at the cities around us In the Marmara region, the rail system runs through the city and there is no one in Adapazarı. Something that depends on the city planning Adapazarı'ın the conditions under which the rail system passes from here I do not know it. If they are going to pass him room trouble they need to do something suitable for him, the system seems difficult. Even now the vehicle traffic is a big problem here put the rail system and the traffic becomes a big problem. Regarding the price, I do not think that the rail system will affect the minibuses in terms of price. ”


Necati Third said: “I think transportation is comfortable. The traffic created by the minibuses is reduced. Order comes to the city. I think that this project should be realized as soon as the traffic problem will be relieved especially on Yeni Mosque Boulevard. Because, even in Duzce, this system should have been built in a city like Sakarya. Transportation is a relief because the traffic in the city is very busy. ”


Atif We would like the rail system to come because something that is too late is a lack of governance if it hasn't been here before. This system relaxes the City. Because not everyone wants to come in most of their private cars. The people here have access to the city rail system more easily. Prices will surely fall from now on, in terms of both price and air pollution.


Sebahattin Yavuz; Sistem With the arrival of the rail system, it would be a relief to go very easily. We used to go to a place we wanted, so we want it to happen. Everything can be done now the exact time it would be difficult if the rail system had arrived earlier. If done, the traffic decreases with each passing day. If the path is beautiful, it will have a good effect. If not, then of course it would be a bit difficult. ”


Mehmet Erdem said, “Public transportation will come at a time, many people will come and it will be cheaper. People will come and go comfortably. People will relax, so this system is already late. Since it is a municipality that invests in other places, the investments go to different places. In the 3 Turkey's Sakarya debt. As far as I know, the biggest indebted municipality is therefore not the future of this system. I guess which lines will be built from here will be like the northern terminal, depending on where to do a little bit of traffic can compress. Husband will pass a long train so affect traffic. As regards prices, dolmusçıların not to be angry because the price of gasoline comes and people eat bread after all an 50 krs. They may not make a discount for you. Since this will be the municipality, my rail system may be more appropriate. Since people will prefer the rail system, minibuses can break the prices but they can break to some extent. They have costs. It is a good thing for the public but it can be harmful for the minibus. ”(Şevval Geçin - Ferhat Bayraktar - Sakarya Yenihaber)

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