Refik Melikoğlu FIDIC Seminar

refik melikoglu fidic seminar
refik melikoglu fidic seminar

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) invited Refik Melikoğlu to speak at an international conference in London. 3 and 4 Refik Melikoğlu, who will present his views on “contract management and the view of international contractors in the prevention of disputes sta at the conference to be held on December 2019, has been working as Construction Contracts Manager in Tecnicas Reunidas's Madrid Spain head office for five years.

Within the framework of the oil and the activities that begin in the gas sector in 1959, refinery, Tecnicas with industrial plants international main contractor such as petrochemical plants and power plants Reunidas, commissioned recently in Turkey which is one of the largest investment was carried out with success the turnkey of Tüpraş and Star Refinery.

Refik Melikoğlu, who has gained international experience in the last five years from the beginning of construction to commissioning in the Marmaray Project, where 10 has worked during the year in terms of contract and claims management, has faced difficulties in mega projects from Australia to the Middle East and from Europe to America. and share the achievements with the participants at the conference. International experts in the field, managers and aims to bring together a speaker and a listener investor is expected to participate in this important event to many people from Turkey.

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