E-City Period in Public Transportation in Izmir

public transportation in izmir
public transportation in izmir

Objections to ESHOT's tender for operating the smart fare collection system 5 in August were rejected. E-Kent firm to win the tender, 7 to start work in December

(SabahAccording to the report of Ertan Gürcaner; “The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's public transportation company ESHOT General Directorate has been put out to tender again in the past months since the operating period of Karbil will end on September 7th. The estimated price of the tender for which bids were received on 5 August was announced as 119 million 680 thousand liras. 2 companies submitted bids for the tender. The highest bid came from Karbil Company, which has been operating the system since June 2015. Karbil offered 130 million 900 thousand liras, while E-Kent, operating under Çalık Holding, offered 57 million 120 thousand liras. It was noteworthy that the estimated price announced by the administration of the offer offered by E-Kent was 62 million 560 thousand liras lower. When E-Kent passed the low price inquiry by the commission, the tender remained in E-Kent.


During the legal waiting period before the contract was signed, 2 companies objected to the tender result. 4 from Karbil, which has been operating the system for 2 years, and 5 objection came from ASİS Elektronik ve Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş., which did not submit a proposal to the commission on August 1, when the offers were received, although they purchased the tender file from EKAP. The two companies filed objections first to the administration and then to the Public Procurement Authority. The Public Procurement Authority, which recently evaluated Karbil's 2 and Asis's 1 objection, also rejected 3. Thus, there was no obstacle for E-Kent, which made the lowest bid and announced as the most suitable offer by the commission. The General Directorate of ESHOT had a 7-month temporary tender in order not to interrupt the service procurement, whose normal term expired on September 3, and Karbil won this tender. After Karbil expires on December 7, E-Kent will take over the system. With the signing of the contract between the parties, E-Kent will run the electronic fare collection system used in public transportation vehicles such as buses, subways, ferries, trams and İZBAN for 36 months. When the system, which changed in 2015, could not be activated within the time stipulated by the company that won the tender, validators did not read magnetic cards when boarding public transportation vehicles. The citizen whose balance was over could not load his magnetic card due to problems in the system. As such, many people from Izmir had to take advantage of free public transportation such as buses, metro, ferries and İZBAN. This caused the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to suffer millions of liras of public damage.

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