Women's Hands Touch Public Transportation in Mersin

public transportation in Mersin
public transportation in Mersin

Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Vahap Seçer who expresses that he will make positive discrimination to women at every opportunity, realizes this promise with his practices. Women have a say in public transport in Mersin.

In recent days, the car fleet will be expanded to give the good news of the bus driver's orders by the order of Mayor Seçer'in began. Metropolitan Municipality, 73 bus driver to announce the announcement of the candidates for training and exams in the interview determined. Trainings of 41 female and 183 male candidates who proved their competence during the interviews were given by the master trainers working in the Department of Public Transportation Branch of the Transportation Department.

Following the trainings on vehicle starting, vehicle overtaking, picking up and lowering passengers at the stop, turning in the rotating island, maneuvering, parking, knowing and recognizing the vehicle indicators, the competence of the steering wheel of the candidates was tested and tested. Among the 41 female and 183 male candidates who will be evaluated in many items, the successful ones will start their duties as soon as possible.

Topçuoğlu: “Our public transportation, bus operation will be more dynamic”

Ersan Topçuoğlu, Head of the Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the inclusion of 73 personnel in the municipality would benefit the citizens at the point of service. Today, in the first place, we invited our female chauffeur candidates to the steering test training and examination. I hope they all succeeded. In total, our 73 male and female candidates will be successful and will pass the exam. Our successful friends will come after their announcements and start their duties. Of course, before we begin, another criterion is that they do not have any health or legal problems. X With our 73 candidate, our staff included in our structure, our public transportation, bus operation will be more dynamic and will serve well to serve our citizens. ”

The number of buses will increase

After the 73 public transport driver to be purchased by the Metropolitan Municipality, it will continue its purchases in order to ease the transportation of the city and to provide a safe and comfortable transportation service to the citizens. Ersan Topçuoğlu, Head of Transportation Department, stated that 100 bus will be taken to public transportation and said, ız We will take 100 public transport bus as stated by our Mayor Vahap Seçer in the election declaration. This means getting the 100 bus, which means that at least 250 units will be purchased during the 2020 year. ”

Thanks to Mayor Seçer, one of the female bus drivers

Bircan Tazeoğlu, who stated that women should be brought to society more, said, imiz Our trainings were good. First of all, we would like to thank Vahap Bey for giving such a priority to women. There was hope for us about this. We cannot really thank you as a woman for providing support to women. That's why I'm so happy. I hope it's really good for all of us. The people who apply here, if I have to talk for myself, already have certain criteria, people who have been active in traffic for many years. Therefore, being in traffic in any way and on the bus will not change anything for us. ”

“We want to be an exemplary female driver '

Handan Kaya, one of the driver candidates, stated that the exhilaration of the exams passed with the warm and friendly behaviors of the personnel working in the Public Transportation Branch Directorate. First of all, I want to thank our President, for paving the way for women, for supporting women. Our messages came after the interview, today we are in the practical exam. We took the exam, all the staff were very friendly smiling, very well behaved. In a related way, we went in a controlled way and took our exam. I hope we did it, I think I did it, everything was very nice. In the end, we hope to join Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and we want to be one of the exemplary women drivers. I want to do it, I want to do it. I hope I will succeed. ”

“Women do everything”

Betül Arslankılıç, one of the candidates, stressed that there is nothing that women cannot achieve and said, iyi It is a good thing that our President provided us with such opportunities. Our steering training was good. If we pass here, we will be given a one-month training. We're good at traffic, we'il be good at the bus. Women can do anything ”.

public transportation in Mersin
public transportation in Mersin


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