Public Buses Inspected for Safe Transportation in Kocaeli

public buses inspected for safe transportation
public buses inspected for safe transportation

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Traffic Management and in cooperation with the Provincial Police Department, Izmit district of the co-operative of the public bus operating under supervision. During the inspections, the bus drivers' documents, alcohol control and whether they comply with the rules in the UKOME Public Transport Regulations were checked.


Depending on the co-operative public bus inspections, metropolitan Municipality Transportation Control teams and traffic policemen as well as public order policemen also participated. Apart from private public buses, teams also inspected passenger transport vehicles. 40 vehicles were examined during the inspections to see if the drivers comply with the rules in UKOME Public Transport Regulations, alcohol control and driver's license. 12 vehicle that does not comply with the rules were penalized.


The teams connected to the Department of Transportation and Traffic Management of the Metropolitan Municipality carry out periodic inspections of inter-district controlled passenger transport vehicles and private public buses in the city. Transportation Supervision teams, determined by the drivers' clothes, stall usage, compliance with the daily movement program, the number of passenger transport, whether or not to take passengers from the station to strictly supervise the rules to be followed.

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