ORBEL has lowered prices for students!

orbel lowered prices for students
orbel lowered prices for students

ORBEL A.Ş., a subsidiary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, campaigned for the usage fees of Boztepe Cable Car, Reverse House and Boztepe Adventure Park.

The aim of the study is to give students a different perspective and to improve their horizons.

UF STUDENTS 'Horizon will develop ”

Stating that ORBEL is not a public company, its services cannot be provided free of charge, ORBEL General Manager Muhammet GÜNAYDIN ​​said, Since we cannot make the services completely free of charge since we are a public company, we draw the minimum value of these services as much as possible. In this way, students who have not even seen the sea in our province will come to the city center to benefit from these facilities very small numbers. I believe that facilities such as Cable Car, Reverse House and Adventure Park, which are not available in many cities, will improve students' perspectives and horizons. ”


Within the scope of the campaign, at least 10 in one day and at most facilities of 100 school groups; It is required to notify ORBEL A.Ş. in writing at least 10 days in advance, to carry out the activities in groups not individually, and to pay the fees in advance to ORBEL A.Ş.

31 May Prices will be valid until 2020.

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