Anger Control Seminar for Public Transport Drivers in Antalya

ofke control seminar for public transport sofia in antalya
ofke control seminar for public transport sofia in antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. and Antalya Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen in cooperation with the public transport services in the city anger control seminar was given. The drivers were also rewarded for their sensitivity and exemplary behavior.

In the seminar held in AESOB Meeting Hall, Prof.Dr. Dr. Mustafa Gülmez gave trainers entitled 'Anger Control and Management' in public transportation. Nurettin Tonguç, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department of Metropolitan Municipality, Adlıhan Dere, AESOB President, Yasin Arslan, President of Antalya Chamber of Buses and public transportation tradesmen attended the seminar.


Professor Dr. Mustafa Gülmez, the chauffeur tradesmen to provide a better quality of service and both citizens and drivers came together to be happy at the seminar, he added. Saying that anger is a normal human emotion. Dr. Gülmez said, öğren If we can learn the definition, reasons and reasons of anger, we can suppress it more easily. Anger is a reaction and reaction of the body. Anger control is important during the events in the bus between the passengers and between the driver and the passenger. Passengers and drivers should be able to empathize with each other. It is important that the two sides communicate well, smile and greet each other. These trainings should be done periodically. ”


Nurettin Tonguç, Head of the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that they organized a training seminar in order to increase passenger-driver interaction, service quality and to ensure that the drivers control the stress they experience during the day. Nurettin Tonguç stated that they are aiming for happy drivers who serve local and foreign guests who come to Antalya and said, “We care about the transporter and the transporter in public transportation. In Antalya, approximately 370 thousand boarding passes are made daily. We also reward our exemplary drivers. We will continue these trainings from now on. We will do trainings not only for buses but also for taxis who use taxis ”.


Antalya Bus Operators Chamber President Yasin Arslan, Ankara transportation of stating that at its peak in terms of quality in Turkey, "our vehicle security of our payments on our ease, our car phone, we reached with the services, such as our call center," he said.

AESOB President Adlıhan Dere also drew attention to the importance of such training seminars in order to provide the best service to tourists and Antalya residents in Antalya, the capital of tourism.


Within the scope of the seminar, transportation artisans in the hall performed breathing exercises and calming exercises. After the meeting, the call center received the citizens' satisfaction and thanks to the calls, the heroism of the press subject to the life-saving and friendly behavior of public transportation drivers were rewarded. Avni Karaöz and Transportation A.Ş. driver Osman Seçmen, who spoke to every citizen on the bus saying “Good morning, welcome ile and Tahsin Gedik, who trained a citizen who had a heart attack during the journey, were given a shirt and tie as a gift.

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