New Transportation Master Plan Works to Cover 19 District Started in Antalya

new transportation master plan to cover the district in antalya
new transportation master plan to cover the district in antalya

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek, Antalya, planned, rules, identity continues to work with the goal of making a city. In this context, work has started on the reconstruction of the existing Transportation Master Plan to cover the entire 19 district.

Muhittin Böcek, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, heralded that they would rebuild the Transportation Master Plan covering the 7 district to cover the entire 19 district. The first meeting on the New Transportation Master Plan was held in the Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan Municipality Chief Advisor to the meeting. Cem Oğuz, Professor Dr. Halim Ceylan, Professor Dr. Soner Haldenbilen and Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System, Transportation Inc. and Science Affairs Department officials attended.


During the meeting, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning Processes, current situation assessment, work proposals between 2019-2024 years were discussed. A roadmap was drawn up for the mandatory revision and reconstruction of the current Transportation Master Plan, which now covers the 7 district, to cover the 19 district.


In the meeting, the lack of transportation in Antalya; public transportation infrastructure, bicycle transportation and infrastructure, pedestrian transportation, disabled transportation, private car transportation, parking areas, highway transportation network infrastructure, public transportation connections to surrounding settlements, intercity transportation connections, urban freight transportation and institutional structure. .


Among the 2019-2024 transportation in Antalya are listed as follows: “2015 Transportation Master Plan update, smart transportation systems, public transportation rehabilitation, rail system investment programs, regular data collection studies, other work proposals.”


Chief Consultant of Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Cem Oguz, Transportation Master Plan update work is of great importance to President Muhittin Böcek, drew attention to a planned, rule-bound city. Oguz said that the new transportation master plan will serve as a basis for the solution of many transportation problems. Cem Oğuz, emphasizing the importance of regular data collection studies in this context, said that this cost-cutting study is indispensable for investment decisions.


Dr. Cem Oguz, the other work proposals in the title of the Bicycle Action Plan, Parking Action Plan, Pedestrian Action Plan, Road Safety Action Plan preparation, improvement and integration of near-environment transportation issues were discussed.



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