New Private Industrial Zones to Reduce 330 Million Dollars Current Account Deficit

new private industrial zones to reduce current account deficit by $ million
new private industrial zones to reduce current account deficit by $ million

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Bursa, Asil Celik and Gemlik Fertilizer Industry will be established in the private industrial zones, "these two regions are working at full capacity, the current deficit will be a reduction of $ 330 million dollars annually." He said.

Minister Varank, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) in his speech at the assembly meeting in October, the city have made various openings and visits, TÜBİTAK'ın Bursa Test and Analysis Laboratory visited, Oyak Renault's high-pressure aluminum injection factory, said the test production.

Varank stated that he was happy that the plant, which will begin mass production at Oyak Renault, was brought to Bursa and said, alüminyum With this factory, aluminum engine block will be produced for the first time in our country. The hybrid engines will be exported to China, Spain and the UK. The good thing is that many products to be used in production will be supplied from our local industrialists. Therefore, we are talking about a high value added exemplary investment that directly serves our localization goals, exports and qualified employment. ”

Minister Varank stated that they visited different factories operating in the machinery sector and continued as follows:

In fact, the intensity we are experiencing today clearly shows how dynamic and productive Bursa is. The export volume of 9 billion dollars that you showed in 11 of the year is another reflection of your productivity. When we look at the sub-items, we see that Bursa has an industrial infrastructure capable of exporting in almost every sector. Of course, the support we provide has contributed greatly to the development of this infrastructure. To date, we have encouraged 40 billion pounds of fixed investment in Bursa and provided employment for more than one thousand citizens of 50. 27 thousand SMEs benefit from KOSGEB in areas such as entrepreneurship, R & D, production and finance.


Remarking that KOSGEB launched a new loan program up to 50 thousand pounds, Varank said that KOSGEB will cover the 50-point financing cost of the loan received up to thousand pounds.

Minister Varank, 2002 9 organized industrial zone in Bursa in the pre-17 period, while 8 XNUMX annually brought to the city by attracting attention to the new organized industrial zone, said:

Thus, we have created new jobs for over one thousand citizens. Again this year we announced two new private industrial zones. When these two regions operate at full capacity, our current account deficit will decrease by 100 million dollars annually. Another distinctive feature of Bursa is its predisposition to innovation. There is an 330 R & D center in our province, which brings Bursa to Istanbul's 128 rank after Istanbul. As a matter of fact, it is not a coincidence that the share of medium and high technology products in Bursa's exports is above 2.

As you know, we are going through an era of rapid technological transformation. Our industry needs to be prepared for this. For this purpose, after Ankara, we opened our second model factory in Bursa in March. As the Ministry, we have contributed a million pounds here. Our industrialists regularly attend lean applications and digital competencies trainings. By using robots in the production line, digital interaction between machines and internet of objects applications, we aim to bring the model factory to a structure that provides further training and consultancy.

Minister Varank stated that they determined the steps to be taken according to 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy and said, “We prepared this strategy with the spirit of National Technology Move and set quite concrete and ambitious targets on the way to the centenary of our Republic. 5 is our main policy axis. The first is high technology and innovation. Our goal here is to make our country a competitive player in critical technologies and to become an important player in the global league. We will take concrete steps for digital transformation in industry and technology-oriented industrialization. With the policies we will implement in the field of entrepreneurship, we will increase the number of entrepreneurs in the whole process from idea to product and strengthen the ecosystem. ”


Noting that the real sector's support and cooperation is important for them, Varank said:

We want to encourage you to invest and produce more strongly. We have prepared the Technology-Oriented Industry Action Program for this purpose. Our goal here is to produce high value-added products with domestic capabilities and capabilities. For this purpose, we have identified and supported the priority products in the focus sectors. Within this scope, we will manage our supports with a holistic approach by encouraging both buyers and producers at the same time. Our strategic or project-based investment incentives will be at the service of entrepreneurs. We started with the machinery sector as a pilot application. Applications continue until November 22. We believe and trust in this program very much. Come and be a part of this program, make your application. Let's walk the path to economic independence together.

See, the Operation Spring of Peace again revealed a truth very clearly. The road we have covered in the defense industry has brought us success. Now it is the success of other areas of industry. Turkey's economy and confidence in a much stronger way your potential. Financing costs and inflation are falling, we have stabilized the exchange rate. International organizations are revising their growth forecasts one by one. I hope our economy will grow stronger day by day.


Pointing out that Bursa is one of the right addresses for production with its human resources and logistic opportunities, Varank said, “We believe that the Peace Spring Operation will make a great contribution to the security and permanent stability of our region. This action will only create a secure our border area is not Turkey's economy. As the government, we focused entirely on the positive agenda. Turkey to take steps to enlarge our nation, our priority basis to make moves to improve the welfare. "he said.

Following his speech, Minister Varank, BTSO will be built by ... BTSO 15 July Martyrs. Dr. The model of İlhan Varank Vocational Education Complex was presented as a gift.

Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş and BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay attended the program.

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