National Airship to Start

national airship starts its mission
national airship starts its mission

Karagöz GAG Balloon Wide Area Surveillance System will begin its duty at the Syrian border in November. The balloon will have a length of 17 meters, a volume of 430 cubic meters and will serve at the height of 500 meters. With its large area surveillance camera, 8 can instantly scan an area of ​​a square kilometer. The surveillance camera can rotate 360 degrees according to the operator's preference.

The system generates an alarm when an abnormal movement is detected. With ASELSAN thermal imagers, it identifies the target and transmits this information to the command control unit via fiber cables built into the balloon. There, the image is evaluated. It is a system made entirely with national means. When the balloon is shot with light weapons, it can repair itself.

Karagöz has a durable structure that can work in harsh weather conditions, with the equipment on it for different purposes such as continuous surveillance and intelligence, border and coast guard, disaster monitoring, road traffic information gathering, forest fire detection and early warning, communication relay and critical facility security duties. can also be used.

The National Airship Project 10 was designed in Ostim years ago and worked hard but could not find the necessary support.

Prof. İlhami Pektaş



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