Traffic Flow to Normalize in Mürselpaşa

murselpasada traffic flow is returning to normal
murselpasada traffic flow is returning to normal

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate, Customs and Bayraklı Completed the maintenance work of the collector line between the pump stations. The part of Mürselpaşa Boulevard, which has been closed for some time due to studies, will be reopened from Monday, October 14, 2019.

The cleaning and maintenance works of the main collector line that carries domestic wastewater to the Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Plant passed through Mürselpaşa Boulevard ended. 23 Yeşildere Street, which was closed to traffic in September, will be reopened as of Monday in the direction of Basmane.

400 cubic meters of material removed

İZSU General Directorate teams worked for 24 hours uninterruptedly from the first day in order to finish the works within the planned period and prepared 400 cubic meters of waste material during the cleaning and maintenance works and prepared the collector line for the winter season. With the reinstatement of the road arrangements due to the work, the street that has been closed from Yeşildere to Mürselpaşa Boulevard, 14 October 2019 will be re-opened on Monday.

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