Success in Engine and Tractor Production 'TÜMOSAN'

Tumosan example of success in engine and tractor production
Tumosan example of success in engine and tractor production

Necmettin removing a decree when Erbakan 1975 year, State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), Turkey Agricultural Equipment Corporation (TZDK), Şekerbank Turkey Maritime Bank and the State Industry and in partnership with the Workers Investment Bank 100 thousand engines with a production target Türk Motor Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi established TÜMOSAN.

The first general manager of Tümosan was Prof.Dr. Sedat Çelikdoğan. Turkey's first diesel engine manufacturer with the distinction of being TÜMOSAN, in addition to providing tractors with diesel engines produced for the same brand and MOTORWAY TURKISH TRACTOR made diesel engine production for many years.

When Sedat Çelikdoğan became the general manager, his team quickly started motor projects. World automotive giants have come to our country with financing opportunities. In 1976, the first Fiat and Italian tractor license agreement was signed with Fiat and the factory was established in Konya. Following this, a license agreement was signed with Volvo in the Truck Engines Project and engine production preparations for the trucks started. Later, a license agreement was made with Mercedes in the Truck Engines Project and a factory was established in Aksaray. Immediately afterwards, license agreements were made with Japanese Mitsubishi in the light diesel engines project for minibuses and vans and with German ZF in the driveline project.

With these projects, it was planned to produce 100 thousand engines and 30 thousand tractors per year at that time. But who are disturbed by this project made America and the West, it began embargo on Turkey. The financial flow of all these projects, which were signed with the embargoes, was interrupted. Production and investments came to a standstill in Tümosan when the government thought. Prof. in 1977 Dr. When Necmettin Erbakan became Deputy Prime Minister in the 2nd MC government, Sedat Çelikdoğan was re-appointed as the General Manager of Tümosan. Tümosan has started to grow again. But this time, the 1980 revolution. Sedat Çelikdoğan was again dismissed, the work slowed down and the investments were stopped.

TÜMOSAN Engine and Tractor Industry Co. After the privatization of Albayrak Group in 2004, Albayrak Group continued to localize with the support of the company.

Today, TÜMOSAN is producing engines and tractors on the 1.600 anniversary in Konya and 93 closed area. Total 75.000 years 45.000 engines and tractor units with production capacity of Turkey's largest production facilities. The company currently produces tractors under the 10 series, the 25 main model.

01 + 2016 manual transmission, which started in August 31 and completed its development in 2017 December 8, for 1 + 2018 synchromesh automatic transmission with 8 + 1 synchromesh start-up with 01 synchronous automatic transmission starting at the end of 2017 year. Industrial prototypes of the fully automatic transmission with converters were produced.

The first prototype of the armored vehicle called US PUSAT ile was exhibited in March 2019 with the support of TÜBİTAK R & D project. In addition, the hybrid power package developed for PUSAT and the P ALP ”power group developed for Armored Combat Vehicles are among the noteworthy products. TÜMOSAN made an agreement with SSB and FNSS for the production of 100 ÖMTTZA diesel engines in TÜMOSAN.

In a new development announced, TÜMOSAN has signed an agreement with the Polish firm URSUS on 6 in December 2018.

I congratulate all those who founded Tümosan, who developed and brought to this day, and wish them to continue their successful projects.


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