Minister Turhan: We Are Taking Our Measures For 'Barrier-Free Transportation'

minister turhan we take measures for unhindered transportation
minister turhan we take measures for unhindered transportation

Minister Turhan sent 24 disabled people, including adults and children, to Eskişehir at the ceremony held at Ankara YHT Station within the scope of the "Let's Listen to the Children, Let's Change Their Lives Project".

Minister Turhan, said in a statement ahead of farewell, they have taken all necessary measures for the benefit of disabled citizens from all transport systems in Turkey, he said they had made arrangements and investments related to them.

Turhan stated that they have implemented technical equipment in the means of transportation for disabled people to take part in the society and that they have made incentive discounts for these people.

Drawing attention to the fact that the disabled are a part of society, Turhan said: “They are within us. I would like to state that we should accept living with the disabled, benefiting from them and being together as a way of life, and that we, as the government and the ministry, give all kinds of support in this regard. Good point in Turkey compared to other countries in this regard. Projects for the disabled will never end, life will continue as long as life goes on. We will never leave our disabled citizens alone and we will continue to hold them by their hand. "

Turhan gave a certificate of appreciation to the representatives of the institutions and organizations that contributed to the project, and then sent the disabled citizens to Eskişehir.



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