Cylinder Compacted Concrete Road Application Started in Ordu

military compacted concrete road application started
military compacted concrete road application started

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality has started the Roller Compacted Concrete Road (RCC) application in Altınordu district Eskipazar neighborhood which provides cost savings compared to asphalt and traditional concrete roads, but which is much stronger in terms of durability.

Roller Compacted Concrete Road, which is applied for the first time in Ordu and is known to be 25 cheaper than hot asphalt, provides both labor and cost advantages thanks to its long life and eliminating dependence on raw materials.


Speaking in the program organized before the application and the roads will be more durable and durable with compressed concrete that expresses the Mayor of Ordu. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, yaparak We make a great effort to gain the advantageous system to Ordu. We will have more solid and long-lasting roads with compacted concrete road application. We get bitumen from the asphalt material from outside. Instead, we should make our asphalt with cement produced in our country. The ways we make with our own products will be in a healthier condition. The particularly compacted form of concrete roads is even more advantageous because there is not much waiting for transportation. We are happy to bring such a system which has a longer life than asphalt to Ordu. The quality of life of our people will increase and we will save their cars from mud. With this application, we will be working day and night and we will perform 5 year and a half in 1 year. We are a municipality open to innovation and technology. Don't stop, keep going. I wish the system will be beneficial for our Ordu. ”


Vefa Akpınar, Civil Engineering Faculty Member of Karadeniz Technical University, gave information about the application and said, “According to the calculations, you will not invest here for minimum 70 year. The concrete road that we call the SSB is rutubeIt is a system that started in places where it is dense and is now widely used all over the world. We are very pleased to see such investments of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. A beautiful investment in future generations. concrete road widespread in Turkey will also do the paths of hope in our country borders. This practice needs to become more widespread. With this application, we can open the road to traffic between 2 and 6 hours. ”



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