Concrete Road Works Started in Mihalıççık

mihaliccikda concrete road work started
mihaliccikda concrete road work started

Starting Tepebasi in Inonu, Khan and concrete road work ongoing Seyitgazi that many municipalities and dry samples in Turkey Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, also demystifies the concrete path Mihaliccik district. In line with the demand from the citizens, the deformed road becomes a concrete road within the framework of the works carried out by the teams of the Department of Road Construction Maintenance and Repair in cooperation with Kavak Chrome Plant.

The concrete road application, which saves labor and lasts longer than the asphalt road, started concrete road works connecting the Kavak-Bahtiyar-Sekiören-Narlı neighborhoods, which are considered as the main artery in Mihalıççık District. Mihalıççık Mayor Haydar Çorum, who studies the work, received information about the work of the teams. Çorum thanked Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen and the teams and underlined the future of good services to Mihalıççık with coordinated efforts.

Within the framework of budget facilities, especially in rural areas, the roads will continue to work in areas where there is a high traffic load of officials stating that the work carried out Seyitgazi and Mihalıççık'ta warned drivers to comply with signs and pointers.

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