Metrobus Line Alarms!

metrobus line gives alarm
metrobus line gives alarm

The density of the metrobus line, the lifeblood of transportation in Istanbul, has been moved to the agenda of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly. The increase in the number of passengers using the stop Altunizade lipuklatti.

SözcüAccording to the report of Ozlem Guvemli'nin; Met The metrobus lines carrying millions of passengers between the two continents in Istanbul attract attention. IMM Assembly GOOD Party Group SözcüMember of the Transportation and Traffic Commission. Suat Sari, in his speech off the agenda; even 545 metrobus, indicating that the technical and economic life of vehicles that fail to emphasize the continuous failure.


Metrobus line for the 1.2 million euros, the number of 258 passenger capacity of the brand, indicating that the age of 12 Phileas vehicles. Yellow, 50 metrobus 27'nin decay in warehouses because of technical problems, he said. According to the findings of Sarı, 165 passenger capacity capacity 400 thousand euro capacity brand vehicles have reached the age of 12, one of them 400 thousand euro Connecto brand vehicles have been carrying passengers for 7 years.


Stating that the vehicles cannot be maintained periodically because of the constant passenger transport. Suat Sari, the most frequent causes of accidents in the last period listed as follows:

- Fewer drivers and vehicles. Most drivers run 10.5 hours per day. The fights caused by the excessive intensity among the passengers also affect the drivers negatively. The drivers are psychotic. They all need to be rehabilitated by traffic psychologists.
- Very few BRT drivers. 100-200 needs to be added to the new driver. The vehicles are also problematic. Metrobus tires are covered with tires. Buses that have reached the end of their economic life leak oil with maintenance faults. Oil leaking onto the road is a major cause of accident. The road surface is very broken. The expert's accident report points to a 15 road problem.


Dr. Yellow, metrobus line by touching on the measures to be taken to the subway route, intermediate stops to Marmaray ring trips to be arranged, said the new metrobus vehicles should be taken.


CHP Group SözcüSu Tariq Balyal also gave interesting figures by explaining the subject:

- There is a passenger increase of 2018 in the Metrobus line compared to 2019 and 4. There is a special situation in Altunizade. In 2018 and 2019, 9 experienced a passenger increase of 37,4 percent in the month. We are facing an extraordinary increase.
- There was an increase of 66.4 in July, 45.7 in August and 40.9 in September. 2018 million 9 thousand passengers used this station in the first 5 month of 533, while 2019 million 7 thousand passengers used the station in the first nine months of 557. Increase exactly percent 37,4.
- When designing the Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe subway, there is no planning according to the Altunizade station, so excessive density occurs.


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