Metro Istanbul Staff Reunited the Missing Disabled Passenger to Her Family

metro istanbul staff reunited lost disabled passengers family
metro istanbul staff reunited lost disabled passengers family

Metro Istanbul Staff Reunited Lost Disabled Passenger to Family. IMM staff, disabled passengers in the subway station, suspected of the movement by contacting his son was delivered to his family. Percentage of passengers with disabilities 50 4 days have been lost.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) brought a disabled passenger to his family. The event was held on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, at M4, a subsidiary of IMM Metro Istanbul. Kadıköy- It took place at the Ayrılık Çeşmesi station of the Kavsantepe Metro Line.

Security officers identified a passenger's anxious behavior and contacted him. Cengiz Karabacak, who had difficulty in speaking and who had 50 disability card in his face, was taken to the station station and hosted. Karabacak's son Ramazan Karabacak was contacted on the information received.


Ramazan Karabacak, who lives in Aksaray, told his father that 4 has been missing for the day. The police team gave information that Cengiz Karabacak did not have any criminal record and wanted.

On top of that, Giger Çelebi, a private security officer at the Ayrılık Fountain Station, took a bus ticket to Dudullu, a disabled citizen, to get back to his hometown.

Cengiz Karabacak, Aksaray'a familiar to the same bus and was entrusted to its neighbors. The son of Karabacak called Giger Çelebi and said that his father had returned home safely and thanked him for his interest.

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