Pedestrians in Mersin are Safer with Overpasses

pedestrians are more confident with upper passages
pedestrians are more confident with upper passages

The works initiated by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of Vahap Seçer's instruction to ease the city traffic and provide pedestrian safety are continuing with great speed. The overpasses planned to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality in order for the pedestrians to move around the city safely are completed and offered to the citizens.

Metropolitan Municipality, urban traffic in dense and dangerous areas for pedestrians, for the safety of citizens continues to work without slowing down. The construction work of the pedestrian overpasses with 2 elevators and escalators in the east and west directions of the Sovereign Storey Junction in Yenişehir and Mezitli districts were completed and offered to the citizens. The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to provide pedestrian overpasses to the busy points required in the main arteries of the city, aims to prevent the problems faced by all Mersin residents, especially those with disabilities, elderly and children.

Pedestrians in overpasses satisfied

Metropolitan Municipality teams for traffic and pedestrian safety overpasses opened to the application takes full marks from the people of Mersin. Ayşe Topbaş, one of the citizens using the Sovereignty Contribution Junction overpass, stressed that they were pleased with the studies and said, “I have twin babies for us. We are pleased with our President Seçer. Our overpass was built. We are very pleased. ”

Elevator overpass made life easier for citizens with children

Fadime Karakaya stated that the students in the school in Yenişehir had difficulty in crossing the street before the overpass. Well done. We have a school here. The kids were having a hard time. It was very good. ” Karakaya stressed that they are very pleased with the work of President Vahap Seçer.

Melisa Aktan, a high school student indicating that the vehicles arrive very fast in the heavy traffic flow, said, “It was very good to make the overpass because the cars come very fast and we are crossing safer. '

Thanks to citizens who use the overpass

Duygu Dülger, the mother of a baby who used the overpass for the first time, thanked President Seçer and said, ası Having an elevator is very good and safe because we are with children. Satisfied, we really like Vahap Seçer ”. Within the scope of the works, overpasses with an internal opening of 34.20 meter in the east direction and 26 meter in the west direction of the Sovereign Storey Junction were also equipped with camera systems. This enables 7 / 24 tracking of overpasses.


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