Mersin Metropolitan Municipality produces paint from waste and makes road marking

mersin buyuksehir uretip paint waste to make the road line
mersin buyuksehir uretip paint waste to make the road line

Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams, Mersin people to ensure traffic safety of the city's streets and streets continues to work on the road line. Within the scope of the studies, thermoplastic products with environmentally friendly and permanent properties are preferred.

682 thousand 219 meters long road line work was carried out with thermoplastic products produced using the facilities of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, while the pedestrian crossing line work was completed within the scope of pedestrian application at 670 point.

Road lines will be permanent for many years

Thermoplastic paints, a type of plastic produced from polymer resins, which became a homogeneous liquid when heated and cooled when cooled, were started with the instruction of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer. The thermoplastic paints produced in the metropolitan municipality asphalt construction site are preferred for their long-lasting properties while being environmentally friendly. Efforts to regulate the traffic of the city are carried out with the works carried out at various points of the city.

What is Thermoplastic?

Thermoplastic is a type of plastic produced from polymer resins that become homogeneous when heated and harden upon cooling. However, when frozen, it becomes glassy and crackable. These properties, which give the material its name, can be reversed. This is why it can be repeatedly heated, shaped and frozen. Because of these properties, thermoplastics can be recycled.

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