Map of Sao Paulo Monorail in Brazil

Map of San Paulo Metro
Map of San Paulo Metro

📩 26/03/2022 00:22

Brazil Sao Paulo Monorail Map: São Paulo Monorara, the largest monorail system in America, opened in 2014, operates at 80 km / h commercial speed in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Vehicles without drivers belong to Bombardier. Bombardier Innovia Monorail 300 tools are used.

7,6 km is planned to be added to the 27 km. When the project is completed, the system will serve with a total of 17 stations Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo company. All stations and monorail lines working on high viaducts will be fully completed by 2021.

Sao Paulo Monorail Stations

  • Vila Prudente
  • Oratorio
  • São Lucas
  • Camilo Haddad
  • Vila Tolstói
  • Vila União
  • Jardim Planalto

Sao Paulo Monorail Under Construction

  • Sapopemb to
  • Fazenda da Juta
  • St. Matthew
  • Jardim Colonial

Map of Sao Paulo Metro and Monorail

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