Konya Blue Train Timetable Ticket Prices and Route

konya blue train schedule and guzergahi
konya blue train schedule and guzergahi

Konya Blue Train serves between Konya and Izmir (Basmane). Konya Blue Train is one of the main line trains. You can find the route, schedules, train features and ticket prices here. There are bed, bunk, dinner and pulman wagons of the train that travels between Konya and Izmir every day. TCDD Transportation, which is one of the main line trains, has two beds, washbasin, refrigerator, electrical outlet and air conditioning in each cabin of the sleeping wagons. Beds in a cabin are purchased together. Please note that the price of a single bed or a double bed is subject to availability.

On the other hand, TCDD Tasimacilik passengers who want to travel with coach cars can choose the seats with 60 + 2 seats, which include 1 seats. These seats, where the comfort and safety of the passengers are considered, are reclining, ergonomically designed and with wide ranges. As well as the tables between the seats, there are also folding tables between the seats. Passengers can place their belongings in the areas where luggage will be placed on the coach seats.

Some of the seats in the train have an electrical outlet on the sides. There are toilets on both sides of the wagon.

Konya Blue Train is also one of the main line trains with food wagons. TCDD Transportation offers a healthy and varied food menu to the passengers as a meal concept. The menu includes breakfast, soup, hot foods (meatballs etc.), cold sandwiches and hot or cold drinks. TCDD Transport, who wants to keep the satisfaction of its customers at the highest level, treats its customers fairly and honestly and offers comfort and reliability to them. Knowing that it is a part of the society, it carries out the necessary maintenance to brand trains that carry out new activities with the awareness of the society completely. TCDD Transportation, which avoids wastage and acts in-house, offers economic prices in order to support the saving of passengers.

Konya Izmir Special Offers

Konya Blue Train, Konya - Izmir 1. location train ticket price is 53.00 TL. This figure is the full ticket price. Konya - Izmir discount train ticket prices EMIS 'You can see it by choosing the tariff when purchasing online tickets from. These are discounts, over 65 age discount (50%), 13-26 age discount, 60-64 age discount (20%), 7-12 age discount, staff discount, press discount, teacher discount, TAF (employee) discount. . You can also buy a pet ticket.

Konya Blue Train Route

Konya Blue Train offers comfortable and reliable travel to Izmir regularly every day. The route information of the train is from Konya to Afyon, from Afyon to Usak, from Usak to Manisa and from Manisa to Izmir Basmane.

Konya Blue Train operates every day between Konya> Afyon> Uşak> Manisa> Izmir. Konya Izmir train journey takes about 11 hours and 50 minutes. The stops of Konya Blue Train are Konya, Horozluhan, Pınarbaşı, Meydan, Sarayönü, Kadınhan, Ilgın, Çavuşcugöl, Argithan, Akşehir, Sultandağı, Çay, Büyükçobanlar, Afyon A. Çetinkaya, Yıldırımkemal, Dumlupınar, Oturak, Banaz, Uşak, Eşme, Güneyköy, Alaşehir, Kavaklıdere, Salihli, Ahmetli, Turgutlu, Manisa, Muradiye, Menemen, Çiğli, İzmir (Basmane).

Konya Blue Train Schedule

Train Name-Code Departure time Time of arrival Expedition Days
KONYA BLUE TRAIN IZMIR: 20: 15 KONYA: 08: 37 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Izmir> Konya Route Train Times
station Arrival Log out
Izmir (Basmane) Turkey PM20:15
Çiğli PM20:42 PM20:43
Menemen PM20:59 PM21:01
Ayvacik PM21:16 PM21:18
Muradiye PM21:29 PM21:31
Manisa PM21:41 PM21:49
Turgutlu PM22:14 PM22:15
ahmetli PM22:34 PM22:35
Salihli PM22:49 PM22:51
Kavaklıdere PM23:08 PM23:09
alaşehir PM23:24 PM23:26
hosts PM23:46 PM23:48
Esme PM00:38 PM00:40
Servant PM01:50 PM01:53
Banaz PM02:31 PM02:32
Seat PM02:48 PM02:49
Dumlupýnar PM03:09 PM03:10
Yıldırımkemal PM03:24 PM03:25
Afyon A. Çetinkaya PM04:17 PM04:24
who Büyükçob PM04:44 PM04:45
Çay / Tea PM05:07 PM05:08
Sultandağı PM05:29 PM05:30
Aksehir PM05:52 PM05:54
the Argıth PM06:20 PM06:21
Çavuşcugöl PM06:34 PM06:35
Tamarisk PM06:46 PM06:47
the Kadınh PM07:11 PM07:12
Sarayönü PM07:34 PM07:35
Square PM07:52 PM07:53
Pinarbasi PM08:12 PM08:13
Horozluhan PM08:27 PM08:28
Konya PM08:37
Konya> Izmir Route Train Times
station Arrival Log out
Konya PM19:15
Horozluhan PM19:24 PM19:25
Pinarbasi PM19:38 PM19:39
Square PM19:59 PM20:00
Sarayönü PM20:17 PM20:18
the Kadınh PM20:40 PM20:41
Tamarisk PM21:04 PM21:05
Çavuşcugöl PM21:16 PM21:17
the Argıth PM21:32 PM21:33
Aksehir PM21:58 PM22:00
Sultandağı PM22:21 PM22:22
Çay / Tea PM22:43 PM22:44
who Büyükçob PM23:06 PM23:07
Afyon A. Çetinkaya PM23:28 PM23:31
Yıldırımkemal PM00:24 PM00:25
Dumlupýnar PM00:40 PM00:41
Seat PM00:55 PM00:56
Banaz PM01:12 PM01:13
Servant PM01:51 PM01:54
Esme PM03:01 PM03:02
Güneyköy PM03:13 PM03:17
km.xnumx 205 + PM03:21 PM03:22
km.xnumx 199 + PM03:31 PM03:32
km.xnumx 189 + PM03:44 PM03:45
alaşehir PM04:06 PM04:09
Kavaklıdere PM04:22 PM04:23
Salihli PM04:39 PM04:41
ahmetli PM04:55 PM04:56
Turgutlu PM05:14 PM05:17
Manisa PM05:43 PM05:48
Muradiye PM05:58 PM05:59
Menemen PM06:25 PM06:27
Çiğli PM06:43 PM06:44
Izmir (Basmane) Turkey PM07:12


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