Kardemir R & D Center Registered by the Ministry of Industry and Technology

kardemir r & d center registered by the ministry of industry and technology
kardemir r & d center registered by the ministry of industry and technology

KARDEMİR, a new R&D Center for the Turkish Steel Industry kazannagged. KARDEMİR R&D Center, which was established by the KARDEMİR Board of Directors on April 15, 2019, was registered by the Ministry of Industry and Technology after a two-stage evaluation and inspection process. KARDEMIR R&D Center, which was added to the list of 2019 companies that were given R&D Center Certificate in Turkey by the Ministry of Industry and Technology as of September 1.195, became the 28th R&D Center in the Turkish iron-non-ferrous metal sector and the first in Karabük.

Kardemir, one of the largest industrial companies in Turkey in terms of total assets, has added a new R&D center to the Turkish steel industry. kazannagged. The General Directorate of R&D incentives of the Ministry of Industry and Technology unanimously accepted the registration application made within the framework of the Law on Supporting Research and Development Activities for the R&D Center, which was established on April 15, 2019 by the Kardemir Board of Directors, after a two-stage evaluation and inspection process.

Having made an assessment on the registration of the Kardemir R&D Center as a Ministry-approved R&D Center, Kardemir General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Soykan ”This center renews its production technologies with an investment of more than $ 2 billion after its privatization, while increasing its production capacities, diversifying its product range with products with high added value and satisfying the additions of all its stakeholders with its quality-oriented production, sensitive to the environment and society. becoming a world class company in the second century
Proceeding towards its target, Kardemir will be its most important driving force. ”

Stating that there is a rapid transformation and development in the world and this brings a sharp and destructive competition, Soykan pointed out that survival in this competitive environment can only be possible with the development of new products and technologies and R&D studies. The primary purpose of Kardemir R & D Center, by our President 'producing more value than just sharing, more powerful and prosperous Turkey' vision is approved with the main axis in the competitive production and productivity in the place he 2019-2023 period covering the Eleventh Development Plan are compatible with the Stating that in line with Kardemir's strategic goals, especially in the automotive, defense and rail systems sector, the General Manager Soykan said that the innovation culture that will develop here will contribute to both Kardemir and the development of the Turkish Iron and Steel Industry. . Soykan ”This center, together with its competent human resources, ensures that the information to be obtained in the studies is transferred to the corporate memory, following the world, producing more rational and more innovative solutions for national and international needs, focusing on higher value added and more advanced technology products. will be a center that develops new collaborations, opens the doors to investment in future technologies, develops projects that will reduce input costs and increase productivity. Our main goal is to move to a more innovative, high-tech and high value-added production structure and to ensure that the science, innovation and technology ecosystem is developed and strengthened in our company. ”

The Kardemir R&D Center, which started its activities with 5 main departments as Raw Materials and Iron Production, Steel Production and Casting Technologies, Rolling Processes, Innovation Projects and Intellectual Rights and Documentation and will offer innovative solutions in line with the needs and expectations of the steel user sectors. It has been reported that it has submitted a total of 42 projects with a budget of approximately 7 million TL for the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and continues its works on 7 different projects, including European Union Projects.

Central Karabük University, Yildirim Beyazit University, Ostim Technical University, with universities such as University of Newcastle, the Defense Industry Department, Automotive and Industry Organizations, Turkey Steel Producers Association, ARUS Turkey Consortium, TOBB, with sectoral institutions and organizations such as the Association of Exporters of national and
cooperates with different international R & D Centers.

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