İzmir Harbor Quay and Backfill Fillings

izmir port docks and backfilling
izmir port docks and backfilling

TCDD İzmir Port 22-23 Number of Docks Between 127 Meter Docks and Backfill Filling

Tender of the Turkish State Railways Administration (TCDD) 2019/422911 KIK numbered limit value of 46.303.769,24 TL and approximate cost of 62.845.251,00 TL, TCDD İzmir Port No. 22-23, 127-meter Dock and Back Field Filling Work. The firm submitted a bid and, according to the unconfirmed result, it gave the tender to ÖZKA İNŞAAT SAN. VE TİC. Inc. + MAKİNTAŞ MAKINE CONSTRUCTION AND TRADE. Inc. kazanis gone. 4 firm participating in the tender submitted a bid below the limit value.

Tender, TCDD İzmir Port 127 mt pile and back field productions unit price bid chart for the type and amount of work items shown. The duration of the work is 450 (four hundred and fifty) calendar days from the date of delivery.

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