Traffic Psychologist Must Be Metrobus Drivers in Istanbul

metrobus soforler traffic psychologist in istanbul sart
metrobus soforler traffic psychologist in istanbul sart

Metrobuses, which came to the agenda with the recent accidents in Istanbul, were under the spotlight. IMM has appointed the Head of the Inspection Board to investigate the accidents and requested an expert from the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. Traffic and Road Safety Specialist Member of the IMM Assembly. Suat Sarı stated that the psychology of the metrobus drivers was corrupt and that many accidents were caused by this, and suggested that met metrobus drivers in Istanbul should be under the supervision of traffic psychologists that are very common in the USA and Europe ”.

SözcüAccording to the report of Ozlem Guvemli'nin; BB IMM is taking new precautions against the accidents occurring in the metrobus line that travels 7 thousand times a day with 220 thousand kilometers and carrying 1 million passengers. Metrobus line after the accidents occurring in Halıcıoğlu and Haramidere IETT management, met. Deputy General Manager of IETT Hamdi Alper Kolukısa stated that a detailed investigation was initiated regarding the source of accidents and that the Head of the Inspection Board was personally assigned to the administrative investigation. Kolukısa, the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers also announced that the experts requested. Following the Metrobus accidents, IMM started the “Early Warning System de.


Traffic and Road Safety Specialist Member of the Good Party IMM Assembly and Transportation Traffic Commissioner Dr.. Contact Suat directly Sözcümade important assessments and recommendations related to accidents in his assessment. Sarı noted that the metrobus drivers' psychology is corrupted due to the overtime. “Metrobus drivers should be under the supervision of traffic psychologists, not normal psychologists. They should be under constant control with traffic psychologists employed by IETT. Traffic psychologist quite common in the US but not in Europe and Turkey. 30 has been in Germany for years. After graduating from the department of psychology, they have a master's degree in traffic and become a traffic psychologist. Because the state of the traffic, attitude, behavior and attitudes and behaviors of a normal person are very different. This expertise should come to Turkey, "he said. Yellow also said that the rest rooms of Zincirlikuyu and Beylikdüzü should be placed in the driver.


Dr. Sarı emphasized that most of the vehicles reached 1 million kilometers and reached the age of 10. “Therefore, maintenance and repair should not be expected to be efficient. This is another cause of accidents. Diesel vehicles are now being produced in European countries starting from 2021. Metrobus fleet should be renewed with new electric buses. ”

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