Emergency Transportation Routes in Istanbul Under ISPARK's Control

emergency access roads
emergency access roads

İSPARK, an affiliate of IMM, uses these areas as parking lots in order to prevent the rules and unregistered parking operations on emergency transportation roads. In case of emergency, İSPARK officials immediately evacuated these areas providing parking services; emergency transportation routes.

With the decision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and UKOME, İSPARK, which operates open, storey and on-road car parks throughout the city, prevents the rule and unregistered parking operations and contributes to the economy. Following the 1999 earthquake, UKAME redefined the N 1.Derece Emergency Access Roads birçok in many districts, and the increase in the number of vehicles in the city and the lack of parking lots led to the transformation of emergency transportation roads into parking lots by opportunists.


There were undesirable images in these areas converted into parking lots. The vehicle owners who did not want to pay money to the registration and illegal systems of the staffs were assaulted and the citizens were subjected to material and moral damages. Long-term and second-row parking in these areas blocked the flow of traffic. IMM started to provide parking services through İSPARK in these areas, which were named as ulaşım emergency transportation ways ile with the decision of UKAME. Provided control 'illegal operation' was prevented. Short-term parking contributed to the flow of traffic, while the revenue received from these areas where staffs were unfairly recorded was recorded.


İSPARK, among them Fatih, Beykoz, KadıköyManagerial operations at 12 locations, including Maltepe and Pendik districts, “1. Degree Emergency Transport Road ”in 2009. After a short time, old grievances began to occur with the re-emergence of staffs. Fatih Fevzipaşa Caddesi, Akdeniz Caddesi and Avcılar Reşitpaşa Caddesi, with the decision of UKAME, started to re-operate in ISPARK after the tradesmen wanted to back ISPARK by hanging banners in their shops, and the citizens filed a petition to the governorship and the police.

The fact that the emergency transportation routes are under the control of İSPARK enables the immediate evacuation of these areas by the personnel in case of emergency and these roads provide full capacity service.

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