3 Runway Construction at Istanbul Airport will be finished at 2020!

construction of the runway at Istanbul airport will be finished
construction of the runway at Istanbul airport will be finished

Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said that the number of passengers served in Istanbul Airport, which was opened in October last year, was 29 million 40 thousand 470. Minister Turhan, 45 October 29'de first stage of the first phase of the Istanbul Airport opened, 2018 October 31'de scheduled flights started, the opening of the full capacity of the opening of operations, said 2018 April.

Turhan said that 63 thousand 856 in domestic flights, 188 thousand 939 in international flights and 252 thousand 795 air traffic have been realized since the opening. In total, 9 million 872 thousand 793 passengers were served in total. ”

Internal daily average 310, the outer line of the landing and take off the information that the 932 aircraft Turhan, "Internal daily average 49 thousand 51, 152 thousand 558 external passenger service is taking." He said.
Turhan stated that the construction of 3's north-south runway is continuing rapidly in the first stage of the airport and said:

Kazı On the south side of this runway, excavation and engineering fillings were largely completed. Weak excavations and engineering fillings continue in the northern part where the ground is weaker. Parallel to these studies, asphalt pavement manufacturing starts at the second binder level starting from the south side of the runway where the filling operations are completed. We plan to complete the 3 runway north-south in June next year. Regional Air Traffic Control Center, Air Traffic Control Tower and RFF Building will be completed in coordination with 3 runway. ”


Turhan, the European side of Istanbul between the Yenikoy and Akpinar settlements located on the Black Sea Coastline in the airport area of ​​approximately 76,5 million square meters of construction of the runway parallel to the construction of the 3'inci said that the end of the approach.

Turhan pointed out that the runway is planned to be put into service in the 2020 summer season and that the “Triple Parallel Runway Operation an application used in the number one airport in the world will be implemented with the opening of the runway.

Turhan stated that Istanbul Airport would become one of the most important hub centers of the world and in the second stage, a parallel taxiway with east-west runway would be built.

Emphasizing that the second terminal building of 80 thousand square meters will be put into service in 3, which is planned to be started when the number of passengers reaches 450 million, Turhan said that parallel taxi roads and an additional apron will be used in this process.

Turhan, the number of passengers reached 110 million 4'ın the end of the planned stage of the new 170 thousand square meters of the new satellite terminal is planned to be put into service, he added.


Turhan pointed out that the biggest airport in Europe will be put into service with the full capacity utilization of the airport and that Istanbul will be an important hub.

Turhan, airport produces its own energy, environmental, environmentally friendly, pointing out that made unimpeded and green airport, "Istanbul Airport is not only the development of the aviation industry, but also well-activated through additional employment investment to be provided and will be formed by the action of both sectors catalytic effect with Turkey will contribute significantly to the development of the economy. bulundu

Minister Turhan stated that the Istanbul Airport project, which is the most ambitious and the biggest attraction center among the public-private cooperation projects, will be the number one airport in the world in terms of passenger capacity when it is completed. (SAE)

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