İSPARK's First Women Workers at Work

The first female employees of ispark made work
The first female employees of ispark made work

The problem that İ There are no women employees in İSPARK ği, which was frequently brought up by IMMoğlu, was finally resolved with the new management. The first female employees of İSPARK, Derya Atacan and Zülfiya Işan did their job. Atacan will work as İSPARK Marketing and Corporate Relations Manager and Işan as parking staff. İSPARK also announced that they are looking for new female employees in the IMM career page.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), gave great importance to the high rate of women in determining the new administration of IMM. For the first time in IMM history, Imamoglu appointed Yeşim Meltem Şişli and Şengül Altan Arslan as Deputy Secretary General and appointed Kadriye Kasapoğlu as Special Clerk. İmamoğlu also served as Ayşe Banu Saraçlar to İSPER A.Ş. Ipek Elif Atayman and Sinem Detetaş was appointed to Şehir Hatları A.Ş.


During the briefing he received during his visit to ISPARK, Imamoglu was surprised to hear that there were no women among the company's employees. Afterwards, Imamoğlu shared this issue with the public and said, mu Would there be zero women working in İSPARK? Zero! Interesting. This isn't really nice. Half the society is women. 2 bin 500 personnel zero in an institution! It is a great ingenuity! ”


Imamoglu's discomfort due to the fact that there are no female employees in İSPARK has been resolved with the formation of new management positions. Derya Atacan, Marketing and Corporate Relations Manager, Zülfiya Işan, whose wife recently died while working in İSPARK, started to work as parking staff.

ATACAN: İM I am one of the lucky women ”

Derya Atacan, the new Marketing and Corporate Relations Manager of İSPARK, stated that 25 has a long history in the business world and that it has worked in the places where men have worked intensively. “ I am so happy. The woman is always in favor of reviving and reviving. I not only in Turkey, I see the world as one of the lucky women. Because I grew up in a very democratic environment, without knowing the distinction between men and women, in an environment where everyone was seen as equal. The Republic of Turkey, under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal I grew up in the light of women's rights. "

Atacan stated that he has worked before in places where there is a high concentration of male employees and said, “There is no problem for İSPARK, neither for me nor for my colleagues. Everyone can greet and talk. We tell each other our troubles. I believe that every place where a woman is refreshed, exuberant, and better things achieved..


Zulfiya Işan, the wife of Abdurrahman Işan, who worked as a car park officer in İSPARK during the year and passed away about 5 half months ago, became the second woman who started working in İSPARK. Isan, who joined the IMM family as a parking attendant, has 2 child.

Immediately after the death of his wife, İSPARK authorities never left him alone. He explained his feelings and the process of starting work as follows: “We are like a family. They asked me if I needed anything. I have an 4 child that I have to raise and teach. I told him I wanted to keep my wife going. I think women are always stronger than men. I think it's worth everything that women do. The woman does everything she can and forces anyone who doesn't. Kadın


İSPARK, which has been providing quality and modern service in open, multi-storey and on-road car parks throughout Istanbul since 2005, was not satisfied with this. İSPARK General Manager Murat Çakır, IMMoğlu'nun IMMoğlu'nun instructions, to increase women's employment in the IMM career page, said they have advertised for female parking staff.


İSPARK's job announcement published on the İBB career website included the following statements: “This announcement was shared for our WOMEN candidates. We believe in the need for more women power among us for sustainable growth and development, and we trust the potential of our women. ”

The job ad is available


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