Is Bursa's Unending Train Project the Problem of Politicians Only?

is the endless train project of bursa only politicians problem
is the endless train project of bursa only politicians problem

We recall… There was a comprehensive report on transportation problems that the late Ali Osman Sönmez, who was the President of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, kept on the agenda during 70 and 80 years.

During the meetings of the BTSO Assembly and the Minister, he would point the report and say, “Industry will grow further, but there is no railway or port to carry this production”. Uluslararası International airport worthy of Bursa ”.

Years have passed Ar

Bursa now has ports, that problem has disappeared. There is an airport, but it is not available in the desired sizes. Railway investment is still the biggest problem.

We announced the first survey project works of Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma Railway Line in 90 years from these columns. The deceased Kadri Güçlü, who was the DYP Bursa deputy at that time, worked very hard as the Chairman of the Turkish Grand National Assembly for this project.

During the 2000 years, the industrial organizations of Eskişehir and Central Anatolia Region acted with the desire to “reach Gemlik Port by rail”. Bandırma-Bursa-Osmaneli Railway project was put on the agenda with their lobby.


In 2010, the government made a gesture to the tender and turned the Bursa-Osmaneli line into a high-speed train and announced transportation to the ports by freight train.

So what…

3 in Balat December 2010 laid the foundation, while 2016's high-speed train was set to remain in tunnels and several viaducts despite all these years.

In April, the Balat-Gemlik Port line, which is an important part of the project, was canceled due to lack of income.

In September, 14 Yenişehir-Osmaneli line and Bursa-Yenişehir line superstructure and electromechanical tenders were canceled.


With the investment program revision in August, 1 changed the name of our project to the High Standard Railway Line, which is no longer a high speed train.

We're going to say:

AK Party MPs are asking everyone in Ankara to complete the project as soon as possible with good intentions. However, such an important investment for Bursa should not be the problem of politicians alone.

Bursa should show that it wants this project with every segment. BTSO's voice should be heard in the name of the business world that wants to train and harbor for many years.


Has anyone heard BTSO's voice about the problems of the city?

Was the Gemlik train useless?

Even though the tender was canceled, yük The railway line that will come to Bursa one day gives more importance to the freight train because of the industrial zones.


The extension line was designed for the freight train line that will reach from Balat Station to Gemlik Port last year in the Organized Industrial Zone. Thus, industry and port would be connected by rail as it should be.

The interesting thing is:

Bursa business community, especially BTSO, left the audience to suspend the project because TCDD did not find it profitable.

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