IETT's Metrobus Fire Statement

iettden metrobus fire description
iettden metrobus fire description

There was a fire in the engine part of a metrobus at Darülaceze-Perpa stop. There were disruptions in metrobus flights due to fire. IETT metrobüste made a written statement about the fire.

In the statement made; Dan Of our 525 vehicles in our IETT metrobus fleet, each of our approximate 12 vehicles, aged 300, traveled an average of 2 million km. Phileas model 2007 metrobus with 230 passenger capacity, which was put into service in 27, continues to serve to meet the transportation needs of our citizens. However, technical or other problems sometimes occur in vehicles.

30 September The incident that took place at the PERPA Metrobus station on 2019 was also in the Phileas vehicle, with no injuries. Shortly after the incident, the traffic was opened in double lanes.

For the renewal of these vehicles which are consuming their economic life and to make our Istanbul passengers travel more comfortably and safely, we have been continuing our works for 3 with the instruction of Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. We will share the developments with our esteemed citizens from Istanbul in the future. Ild

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