A First in the History of IETT: 'Woman Driver Will Be Taken'

iett will be taken on a first woman sofor in history
iett will be taken on a first woman sofor in history

The President, who made the promise that "women will have a say in the city and in the administration" day by day with the appointments he made. Ekrem İmamoğluordered that the drivers needed by IETT be selected from women.

IETT General Directorate, one of the subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHe preferred women for the 10 drivers he needed in line with the instructions of . IMM's official job application site https://kariyer.ibb.istanbul/ In the announcement published on the website, positive discrimination was made against women.

In the announcement where the general qualifications of the searched drivers were written, “This announcement was shared for our WOMEN candidates. We believe in the need for more women power among us for sustainable growth and development, and we trust the potential of our women. ” Candidates' sev love Istanbul “was also included in the job announcement as one of the requirements.

Other features sought in Bus Drivers are as follows:

* At least high school graduates and 3 years of active vehicle driving experience,
* Preferably graduated from Bus Master,
* Class E driver's license,
* Appropriate to serve as a Bus Driver in terms of health conditions,
* Having SRC and psychotechnical assessment documents,
* Will be able to adapt to shift work order,
* Knowledgeable about advanced and safe driving techniques,
* Residing in and around Kağıthane,
* Strong communication skills,
* To use the buses, minibuses, midibuses and service vehicles of each model and brand given to its responsibility,
* To provide reliable service to passengers,
* To follow the Istanbul Card usage of the passengers boarding the bus,
* To be responsible for the security of the embezzled bus,
* Communicate the necessary information about the tools and duties to their managers in a timely manner.

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