IETT Meets Passengers and Generates Solutions

iett meets with travelers and produces solutions
iett meets with travelers and produces solutions

The “Passenger Meetings ği, which IETT realizes in order to learn the passengers' experiences and demands from themselves, continues with increasing the number of meetings upon the instruction of President Ekrem İmamoğlu.

İETT General Directorate, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has decided to increase the number of Passenger Meetings held every year since 2012 with a separate meeting each year.

İETT Bureaucrats recently met with the passengers of Şahintepe-Avcılar Cihangir Mahallesi bus line number 147. At the meeting, 20 issue which was open for improvement was determined. Studies have been started to solve the problems.


Within the scope of Passenger Meetings, passengers who have applied for the subject are invited to the institution and brought together with expert personnel. Citizens share their travel experiences directly and exchange ideas with bureaucrats.

The project aims to solve the problems of Istanbul residents who have applied to the institution through various communication channels. At the meetings, suggestions and thoughts about the services of IETT are learned from the citizens themselves. Areas open to improvement related to the problems experienced in the lines are identified. Suggestions, requests or complaints reported by passengers are shared with responsible units in a solution-oriented manner.

Istanbullians; ALO 153 Call Center, IETT social media accounts and requests, suggestions and complaints about buses and metrobus lines. can forward from the website.


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