Technowood received First Prize at the Iconic Awards Award Ceremony in Munich!

iconic awards in technowood munih
iconic awards in technowood munih

Emre Alaz, the General Manager of Technowood, was awarded the first prize in the Innovative Materials category, which he defined as 'Beyond All Categories', in addition to these categories. took. Technowood, which has added a new success to its achievements with the first prize from Iconic Awards, is taking the wood sector to the next level with its experience and innovative vision!

A Turkish Company Among The World Famous Stars!

The award ceremony of the Iconic Awards 2019 Competition, which rewards the best in architecture and design every year, is sponsored by the German Design Council, one of the communication and information transfer expertise centers in the world's leading design, branding and innovation sectors, on 7 October 2019. EXPO Real Fair It was held at Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. The awards were presented to the award winners including internationally prestigious companies such as David Chipperfield Architects and Snarkitecture. Technowood General Manager Emre Alaz received the award on behalf of Technowood, which won the first prize by leaving behind its rivals with its innovative production technology and environmentally friendly design 'ALUSIDING' in the 'Innovative Material' category.

Technowood Continues to Add Prestige to Prestige in Wood Industry!

Technowood has been the pioneer of the sector and has been the pioneer of the industry by offering the technological state of the wood to architectural structures of different scales and functions in more than 20 countries, and being among the best companies operating in the field of architecture and design with the first place in the Iconic Awards The Iconic Awards award, which is added to Technowood's achievements by combining the latest technologies with the understanding of innovation, presents the technological state of the wood to the user and shows the success of the vision that the company presents to the construction sector.

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