IMM Eliminates Danger in Stopped Subway

ibb eliminates the danger of stopped subways
ibb eliminates the danger of stopped subways

IMM is re-considering subway projects that were stopped due to financial problems and could pose risks for the city. IMM Directorate of Rail System, Kirazlı- Halkalı began to eliminate the danger on the line with permanent coating work.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) gives priority to rail systems in order to solve the transportation problem and give the city people a breath. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, who attaches great importance to the infrastructure of subway in order to carry Istanbul to the level that can compete with the world metropolises, instructed to accelerate the projects that were slowed down or completely stopped from the first moment it received information and to identify risky tunnel productions. Head of IMM Rail System Department Pelin Alpkökin said that they also acted immediately after this instruction.

Due to financial problems, Kirazlı- Halkalı Alpkökin explained that they started to work for the subway project to regain its function and said: uz We are starting to produce permanent coating in order to eliminate the risks at the points which are dangerous for the surface and the tunnels. We will complete the work in the first quarter of 2020 and eliminate our concerns in the two risky tunnels. ”

“We will eliminate the risk with permanent coating”

Pelin Alpkökin, 19 May The foundation of 2017 was laid, but so far, eight percent of the 9,7 kilometers of Kirazlı- Halkalı found examinations on the metro line. Alpkökin, who gave information about the work they started on N2 shears on Mimar Sinan Street in Bağcılar, said that they would make this point safe in terms of ground structure, tunnel section and earthquake risk. Alkökin also stated that the temporary coating is used for an average of two years and emphasized the need for permanent coating without extending this period. Alpkökin also gave the following information:

T Tunnels that we do not make them can become unprotected against groundwater and ground movements. We completed the determination of similar points in all the stopped projects and determined the road map. We want to complete the metro projects that Istanbulites are looking forward to; we must eliminate the weakness in projects that are primarily risky. ”

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