How Our National Productions Prevented

how our national production was blocked
how our national production was blocked

Year 1925…

Eighteen technicians were sent to Germany and five students were sent to France to study aircraft engineering.

August 15 1925 first aircraft factory in Turkey ... Turkish Aircraft and Engine Corporation (TOMTAŞ) went into operation. The factory established in Kayseri was one of the largest factories in the world. 120 workers were employed at the factory, including 170.

1932 was renamed Tay Kayseri Airplane Factory “. That year, the 41 aircraft was manufactured. Atatürk gave one of these to Iran hediye

Seven different types of 46 aircraft were produced between 24, Gotha, 24, PZL-24A and 24C, 1926 and Miles-Magister.

6 October 1926 Aircraft Factory was established in Eskişehir for the repair of aircraft.

While Gazi Pasha left us, Etimesgut Aircraft Factory started its operations. Now we were building domestic aircraft and domestic engines.

It's not just the state…

24 June 1923… Vecihi Hürkuş (1896-1969) and his friends started the production of “Vecihi K-VI uç aircraft at Halkapınar Aircraft Workshop.

28 January 1925… Vecihi Hürkuş took the test flight with his first Turkish airplane. Five years later, he founded the first aircraft factory. Two years later, Turkey opened its first civilian airplane schools.

10 February 1937 Sel Aircraft engineer Selahattin Alan, trained in France, signed an agreement with businessman Nuri Demirağ to establish an aircraft factory in Beşiktaş. Then they opened the Gök School.

Nu.D 36 training and Nu.D 38 designed and built passenger aircraft. They started to carry passengers between Ankara, Istanbul and Athens.


What happened after World War II was:

The US State Department adviser MW oil Thornburg "How Turkey rises" in the report said:

- "Turkey is no need to set up heavy industries ..."

- "How much air in Turkey, machines, engines and so on. projects and their production should be canceled immediately v ”


Some of the state factories were transferred to MKE in 1952 and some of them were converted into tractor assembly factories in 1954. Similarly
Private sector production was also destroyed.

He was even banned from selling aircraft abroad!

Turkish Aeronautical Association terminated its orders. The lands were expropriated!

Between the years 1947-1955, 1905 aircraft were purchased from the USA!

The number of 850 of the US II. It was F-84 that he used in World War II! So the US stopped all of our current manufacturing by sending us all the scrap and used weapons under the name of aid. Moreover, millions of dollars were spent from the state safe as spare parts and maintenance service.

Similarly in the field of transportation, investments in railways were halted and the road was given importance. Thus, both road vehicles, spare parts and gasoline were always imported and our money went out and became dependent on foreigners.

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