High Speed ​​Train Will Extend to TEKNOSAB, Karacabey and Bandırma ..!

karacabeye fast train
karacabeye fast train

Recently; While Karacabey continued to develop rapidly along with social, cultural and economic developments, a new investment that would make a great contribution to the district came.

Karacabey Mayor Ali Özkan announced in his statement with Ak Party District President Ertem İşcan that Karacabey was on the agenda with high speed train this time, and that when the project's stage covering this region was over, the district would benefit from 2 different stops and the railway.

Mayor Ali Özkan discussed the details of the project in various contacts he held in Ankara and gave the news to the townspeople.

Great chance for Karacabey

Özkan said, “The Istanbul - Izmir highway was a serious opportunity for industry as well as tourism and agricultural activities in our region. The fact that we are at a distance of 2 hours to two important metropolises of our country makes our region attractive in many areas. Nowadays, when high speed train is added, another important development has occurred for our region. The stage that will be between Bilecik and Bandırma will consist of two stops in our city. The second passenger stop of the train line, which will be located as a cargo and passenger stop in TEKNOSAB, will be in our Taşlık District. High speed train line will provide our city with transportation opportunities that are not in many cities in freight and passenger transportation. Good development to our district. We are planning these and future-oriented projects in all aspects. ”


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