Is Goreme Valley National Park Status Removed for High Speed ​​Train Project?

goreme valley national park status has been removed for the fast train project
goreme valley national park status has been removed for the fast train project

We talked with Orhan Sarıaltun, the President of the Chamber of City Planners and Tezcan Karakuş Candan, the President of the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects.

UniversalAccording to Can Deniz Eraldemir's report; Göre According to the decision published in the Official Gazette with the signature of President Erdoğan, the decision regarding the determination of Göreme Valley and the surrounding area as miles park was abolished. TMMOB Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch President Tezcan Karakuş Candan reminded that the status of the national park was determined by the law for structuring and preserving the relationship established by the bureaucracy and the decision was “going to an uncontrolled point when it was removed from the national park status”.

We talked with Orhan Sarıaltun, President of TMMOB Chamber of City Planners and Tezcan Karakuş Candan, President of Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch, about the meaning of removing the Göreme area from national park status.

Emphasizing that there are very serious occupations in the Goreme region, Candan said, ılar They could not remove these occupations. Thirty, forty years there has been a process of gangrene, belirt he said. Candan pointed out the necessity of clearing the region from the occupations and said: kaldır They will probably remove the occupation from the National Park status and enact them. In doing so, they will definitely bring to the agenda projects that will cause greater destruction. ”

Pointing out that TOKI works on this issue, Candan said, “On the other hand, a field regulation was issued. They will evaluate the scope of the field regulation. But the area regulation and Cappadocia law itself is problematic. Not a participant. It is formed through a commission that excludes conservation boards and coordinates the one-stop administration of the Presidential system. ”

Candan, who expressed the resemblance of the Cappadocia law to the abolition of the status of this national park, said: gör We see destruction as a process that can monopolize and increase it. ”

Candan pointed out that the abolition of national park status caused uncertainty. “It is said that the conservation board has set a limit. What is that limit, what is not? We don't know these. But the national park from the moment it is removed from the status of Turkey and both natural and culturally very important to protect this area and views of the construction studies institutions will be taken care Move Away from them is supposed to be treated to the world, "he said.

On the other hand, the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects announced that the Goreme Valley will carry the removal of the national park status to the judiciary by the Presidential decision.


Orhan Sarıaltun, the President of TMMOB Chamber of City Planners, reminded that Göreme area is a very important area with its historical and rare geological formation for the whole world. Stating that he attracted more than two million tourists while he was in the status of a national park, Sarıaltun said, X In 1967, the national park and long circuit development plan processes have started. 'In 86 it has also been announced, ”he said.

Göreme and Cappadocia in seven regions of the world heritage list in the 1985 year reminded Sarıaltun, "Göreme National Park, Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı Underground Cities, Karain Pigeons, Karlik Church, Yesiloz Theodoro Church and Soğanlı Archeological Area," he said.

Sarıaltun pointed out that the decision to exclude from the status of National Park is tourism-oriented and said, bile It is wrong to remove the national park status even with a tourism-oriented view. Because the declaration of the national park emphasizes the importance of this place.. Stating that there is a long-term development plan thanks to the national park status, Sarıaltun emphasized that “Local administration and central administration should shape and plan the long-term development plan in any plan change and get the necessary permissions”. Stressing that the long-term development plan will no longer be available within the scope of this field management, Sarıaltun said, üyor It is seen that tourism-oriented interventions can be made easily in the places they deem appropriate ”. Orhan Sarıaltun stated that the loss of the national park status.


According to the decision of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which was published in the Official Gazette today, 30 October 1986 dated and numbered 86 / 11135 Council of Ministers, the decision to determine the area around Goreme Valley and the area as a national park was abolished. The area was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site at 1985.

The removal of Göreme from the national park brought to mind the question mı Is it because of the route of the Antalya-Kayseri high-speed train line ”? Because, this railway line, fairy chimneys and Göreme Historical National Park and three separate wildlife conservation sites in Konya and Antalya will affect.


Ministry of Culture and Tourism, with the Law on the Cappadocia Area, Göreme Historical National Park, Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı underground cities, including the region is designated as the Cappadocia Area reminded that the illegal nature of the area and thus prevented illegal practices that prevented the illegal confusion said.

According to the news of the Ministry, the Ministry of Goreme Valley National Park status of the abolition of the "Cappadocia area will open to rent" in the statement on the allegations made in the statement on the Cappadocia area, archaeological, urban, natural protected areas, cultural and tourism protection and development area and National park, such as the presence of many different protection status together, in the area of ​​authority confusion over time, this situation leads to an increase in illegal construction and destruction of the area was noted.

In order to prevent unauthorized construction due to this authority complex, it was stated that approximately 70 was removed under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


The National Park is defined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) as follows: Scientific and aesthetically remarkable ecological, geological, geographical and similar natural structure and archaeological, ethnographic, anthropological, mythological, history, and similar cultural features and beauties; scientific, educational, aesthetic, sportive, recreational and recreational aspects of national and international level of importance at least 1000 hectares of land and water areas. The concept of National Park is an international term because it is called exactly in this language in all countries in the world.

According to another decision published in the Official Gazette, Torba and its surroundings and Kizilagac in the Bodrum district of Mugla. İçmeler and cultural and tourism protection and development region. The said decision was made in accordance with Article 2634 of the Tourism Promotion Law No. 3.

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