Gömeç Dursunlu Bridge put into service

gomec dursunlu bridge was put into service
gomec dursunlu bridge was put into service

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, 3 meter wide Dangerous Bridge to use the danger renewed Gömeç. The reconstructed bridge began to serve as a double strip of 11 meters wide 30 meters wide.

Balikesir Metropolitan Mayor Yucel Yilmaz, district municipalities after the strategy meeting began to meet the urgent needs of districts. President Yilmaz, the district strategy reports and the request for citizens to build the bridge Dursunlu Gömeç previously initiated the tender process for the construction of the bridge gave instructions to accelerate. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, narrow and dangerous to use the Dormy Bridge Gömeç renovation work has started. 3-meter Dursunlu Bridge, which connects many rural neighborhoods in Gömeç region, was destroyed when the region could not meet the needs of the region and was rebuilt. 11 meters wide 30 meters long double lane rebuilt the main skeleton of the bridge was completed and asphalt work was done. The bridge was double-lane for the weekend.

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