Gaziray Completed in Percent 99

gaziantep metro project ready
gaziantep metro project ready

Work on the metro project, which is planned to be implemented in order to solve the transportation problem, which is one of the biggest problems of Gaziantep, continues. The search for resources continues for the metro project, which will begin from the City Hospital and extend to the Station Square. Gaziray and Metro Projects General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality Sezer Cihan said that they are working to include the Metro Project in the scope of the Central Government Investment.

Drilling works were carried out last year in the Metro Project, which will be the solution to the transportation problem in Gaziantep. The works of Metro Project, which is one of the vision projects of Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, continue. General Secretary of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Sezer Cihan made statements to our newspaper about Gaziray and Metro Projects.


Er We are conducting two kinds of metro projects in Gaziantep. We have a metro project on the line starting from the Station Square, one of which will be underground, to the City Hospital. We made the implementation project of this difficult project. We are at a level where you can see the subway when the tender is made. After Gaziantep, Istanbul, we are the only city ready for the metro project. The approval of the Ministry regarding the subway was obtained and the project was completed. We're not holding the construction tender right now. 'Can we do the Metro Project with state support, can we find resources?' We are working on issues. ”


Continuing his remarks on the Metro Project, Sezer said, metro Metro projects are included in the election declaration of our President. We continue our negotiations with the Ministry. We have our own facilities but we are working on the subway project, which is in the Düzbağ Project and other projects, with the support of the state. As Metropolitan Municipality, we are still paying the debt of the infrastructure made to this city. Celal Dogan was a good work done during the period, but we are still paying his debt. Therefore, we are working to get the Metro Project to be included in the investment program of the central government. We succeeded in the Gaziray Project, otherwise we would have spent 2 billion TL for the project. ”


Stating that the Gaziray Project extending from KÜSGET to Organized Industrial Zone was completed, Cihan said, “Gaziray Project was completed at the rate of 99 and our stops were completed. It was important to place the area between the New Courthouse and the Hospitals Area underground. Our Metropolitan Mayor had very important initiatives in this regard. Normally this line would cross the ground. The line crossing the ground would split the city in half. In fact, the huge walls to be installed would destroy the city in terms of urbanism and traffic. ”


Stating that the Gaziray Project was made with the support of the state, Sezer said, dık We have built this project with the support of the state. The tender between 970 million TL was made at the point between the New Courthouse and the Hospitals Region. We start digging this week. The 5 kilometer area will be underground. Works have been carried out in the KÜSGEt Region on the area of ​​25 kilometers. We have a monthly job at 3-4 at the station. When these processes are finished, we will begin to carry passengers. After the completion of the process of receiving underground, 2020 year, as of May or June will begin to transport passengers in Gaziray'da.


The Gar-Düztepe-Hospital HRS (Metro) line will have an average of 10 kilometers-9 stations and 14 kilometers-13 stations. Gar-GAÜN 15 July HRS (Metro) line vehicles, including two subway lines, will be used with the driverless subway model.


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