Galatasaray-Real Madrid Match Due to Metro and Traffic Arrangement

galatasaray real madrid maci due to metro and traffic regulation
galatasaray real madrid maci due to metro and traffic regulation

UEFA Champions League match between Galatasaray and Real Madrid today will be played in the evening because of some road traffic in Istanbul will be closed. Metro flights will be extended.

Istanbul Traffic Control Branch Directorate, according to a statement tomorrow, 22.00'de Turk Telekom Stadium will be held due to the Galatasaray-Real Madrid competition, some roads will be closed to traffic within the scope of safety measures.

In this context, the hour from 17.00 until the ISPARK parking area on the south side road until full, TEM north side road to south side road variant will be open to vehicle traffic. Once the parking lot is full, the turn variant will be closed to vehicle traffic and alternatively the drivers will use the TEM north side road Okmeydanı turns-TEM south side road connection road.

When the match starts, the TEM north side road will be closed to vehicle traffic, the TEM will go directly to the north and the TEM will flow from north to south. TEM north side road vehicle traffic cuts when the TEM north to south connection variant will open to vehicle traffic.


Metro Istanbul said in a statement due to the match of metro flights to 02: 00'ye reportedly extended. Marmaray line will also operate between Zeytinburnu and Söğütlüçeşme until 02: 00.

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