Free internet in Istanbul on Republic Day

in bayraminiz
in bayraminiz

📩 27/03/2020 21:53

Free internet in Republic Day in Istanbul. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) announced on 29 October Republic Day that the internet will be unlimited during all İBBWIFI points throughout Istanbul.

In his statement written in writing, İBB said, “IMM will sign another event within the scope of the 96th anniversary of the Republic this year. On Tuesday, October 29, the internet will be unlimited throughout the day at all İBBWİFİ points throughout Istanbul ”.

In İBBWİFİ internet services, daily 2 megabit speed and 1 gigabyte quota and average monthly 200 terabyte download and 25 terabyte upload are used. In order to benefit from the free internet service, users can connect to İBBWİFİ wireless network from their internet points by smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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