The Latest Status in Kartepe Cable Car Project

latest situation in kartepe cable car project
latest situation in kartepe cable car project

Kartepe Municipality October Ordinary Assembly Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Mayor Av.M.Mustafa Kocaman.

Kartepe Municipality Ordinary Assembly Meeting of October was held under the chairmanship of the Mayor of Kartepe Municipality, Mustafa Kocaman. 6 agenda item was discussed and resolved at the Assembly meeting. Mayor of Kartepe Municipality, Mustafa Kocaman, who responded to the proposal given about the earthquake, said, “The earthquake is our very sensitive point. We live in a very beautiful and difficult geography. Everyone knows what happened from the past to the present. We have hundreds of thousands of martyrs for our country. There is also the reality of earthquakes in this geography. ”


Mayor Kocaman said, mücadele It is our duty to fight against the earthquake “. Whatever we can do, let's struggle for unity and solidarity, leaving politics aside. We are in a team work. The works are under the coordination of Kartepe District Governorate. We will fight the earthquake altogether ”.


Mayor Kocaman answered the question about the cable car in the proposal and said: However, the economic contraction and exchange rate fluctuations affected the contractor and failed to fulfill its commitment. Whatever happens, we're not going to step back on the cable car. Hopefully, if there is no mania from Allah, we will bring the cable car to Kartepe in this period. ”


Dumlupınar Mahallesi Marshal Fevzi Çakmak Street Güleker Street to answer the question about the cleaning and asphalting the Mayor Kocaman aman We closely follow. The Metropolitan Mayor was informed about this issue. Currently, asphalting and parquet work began. On the other hand, the construction site was used until a short time. I agree with our fellow countrymen to solve the problem there. The project was carried out by the General Directorate of Highways. After official correspondence, necessary permission was obtained. We started our consultations with Metropolitan Municipality over this situation. I'm aware of the problem. We will settle together soon. Thank you for contacting ”.


Adem Zengin, Sami Toktaş and Mesut Öçbe take part in the survey committee of the Directorate of Reconstruction and Urbanization, which will take place in the cadastral renovation work to be held in Maşukiye Neighborhood, to be used in the Directorate of Environmental Protection and Control of Kartepe Municipality. to be accepted as a conditional grant.


The Strategic Plan covering the years 2020-2024, the Draft 2020 Fiscal Year Performance Program and the 2020 Fiscal Year Budget Draft of the Financial Services Directorate, which are on the agenda of the Assembly, were unanimously transferred to the Plan and Budget Commission while the council meetings were transferred from 10.00 to 15.00. e was accepted unanimously. According to the law, Kartepe Municipality adopted the second session of October 15 October 2019 on Tuesday at 15.00 to discuss the decisions of the Plan and Budget Commission unanimously.


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