Derelict Buildings in Esenler Bus Station

derelict buildings in esenler bus station were destroyed
derelict buildings in esenler bus station were destroyed

The demolition of the areas used in the lower floors of Esenler Bus Station, which was taken over by IMM, was completed.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), 9 took over in September 15 July Democracy Bus Station (Esenler) is cleaning the neglected, troubled areas.

Demolition of the 62 unit, which was determined in order to prevent unintended use in the lower floors of the bus station and to clean the areas, was started last week. The works carried out by IMM and BİMTAŞ, a subsidiary of IMM, were completed on Friday.

Demolished areas were cleared. Camera and lighting systems were installed to make the basement of the bus station more reliable.

Maintenance and regulation work continues in the bus station, used in other than the purpose of abandoned units and demolitions will continue if the demolitions.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who visited before the takeover of the bus station in July, witnessed the neglected and bad images on the lower floors. No one's wife and child can trust and enter here..

The parking garage was also transferred to İSPARK, the lower floors, which were not passed from the filth, were cleaned by İBB İSTAÇ teams before, security in the region started to be provided by İBB subsidiary İSTGÜVEN and İBB Police.



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