Huge Contribution from President Yavaş to the Economy of Students in the Capital

discounted ankarakart application from students
discounted ankarakart application from students

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, undersigns the applications that delight the students studying in the capital.

Continuing to contribute to the budget of the students with the promises of President Yavaş'ın instructions for the first time in Ankara, launched a discounted monthly subscription student card application attracts great interest.


With the introduction of 27 boarding monthly subscription card for 60 TL for 200 age and under students, students started to travel 30 penny in one boarding pass.

Students apply to card download centers for the application that provides serious support to their economies. EGO officials reminded that the loading process was done via kiosks outside the card loading centers and that some infrastructure processes would be completed in some card processing centers in a short time.

Those who do not have ANKARAKART and want to take advantage of this application for the first time, whose ID numbers ending with zero 21-22 will load in October, while the loading process according to the last letter of other ID numbers can be done on the following dates:

- Students ending with TC ID Numbers two (2) 23-24 October,
- Students ending with TC Identity Numbers four (4) 25-26 October,
- Students ending with TC Identity Numbers six (6) 27-28 October,
- Students ending with TC Identity Numbers eight (8) 30-31 October,


20 Beginning in October, the students who showed great interest from the first day of the discounted subscriber card application, which can be used by approximately 250 thousand students, thanked Mayor Yavaş for their efforts to make their lives easier.

Ahmet Bulut, a student at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University, stated that the subscription card will contribute greatly to his budget and said, orum I thank Mansur Chairman for removing the extra financial burden. The president's transportation fee for the students at a very reasonable price has brought us some relief. I went to the student residence this year. I also pay the water bill with a 50 discount. Yüzde

Expressing his happiness for the reduction of travel costs, Gazi University Department of Economics 1. Grade Enes Mücahit Hayat, "Mayor's innovation, help and support shows us thinking," he said.

Zeynep Salan, a student of Hacettepe University Painting Department, stated that she and her friends came to get a discounted student subscription card. This discounted rate was very good for us. Osman Osman Karapınar, a Gazi University student, said, “There has been no student subscription in Ankara for years. We would like to thank those who think about this application ”.

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