Elazığ Municipality Tour Bus In Service

elazig municipality tour bus in service
elazig municipality tour bus in service

History, nature and culture journey has started with the tour bus that Elazığ Municipality has put into service in order to contribute to the promotion of touristic values ​​of the city.

Elazığ Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları took a tour of the city with a specially designed bus. Mayor Şerifoğulları thanked the company official who prepared the bus with a meticulous work and said, ümüz Our tour bus was extremely spectacular with its burgundy-white color, sour cherry marble used in the interior design, mania embroidered on the seats and of course special design for the disabled. As of today, our tour bus will be at the service of domestic and foreign tourists. ”

Elazığ Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları stated that the experience of Elazığ's unique history, natural and cultural values ​​by the masses is of great importance for them. Cities exist with this accumulation and live with this accumulation. With thousands of years of experience, our city has its own historical, cultural and natural beauties and riches. We are taking strong steps towards becoming a tourism city with its geographical richness, historical texture, inheritance inherited from civilizations and the spirit it possesses. Although many brands have value, we need to move our city step by step further, which has deficiencies at the point of publicity. The tour bus we provide will help us to close this gap.

We will continue to work with determination to brand our city which is our common denominator and love with its values ​​and to take it one step further with these brand values. ”



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