EGO Buses Are Suitable for Winter Conditions

ego buses are adapted to winter conditions
ego buses are adapted to winter conditions

EGO General Directorate of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality prepares thousand 554 buses that serve in urban public transportation for winter conditions.

1 December Before the mandatory winter tire application, which will start as of 2019, the EGO General Directorate began replacing the summer tires on buses with vacuum winter tires with the “snow crystal” symbol adopted by the European Union.

EGO General Directorate of Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Department of Macunköy and Regional Directorates workshops carried out in stages as well as changing the tire winter maintenance of the buses are also performed.


EGO officials, capitalists, rainy, slippery and snowy conditions under the EGO buses to take a safe and comfortable journey by stating that all kinds of measures, especially in the tire changes, buses, antifreeze and heater maintenance is performed with great care, he said.

Stating that European Union (EU) criteria are taken as basis for tire changes, the authorities said, uz We replace summer tires with reduced winter grip and braking distance at temperatures below 7 with vacuum winter tires approved by the EU regulations and bearing the 'snow crystal' symbol. We make our vehicles ready for snowy road conditions. Iler


In spite of all preparations made in EGO buses, EGO officials stated that they keep chain spare vehicles ready as a precaution against adverse weather conditions in winter; on the road, the repaired vehicles for malfunctioning vehicles, tire repair vehicles and rescuer vehicles are kept ready to give information.

Vacuum tires are stored and exchanged under suitable conditions and in a safe environment.


EGO officials pointed out that capitalists take every precaution to travel comfortably and safely during winter months and warned private car drivers to make their vehicles suitable for winter conditions and not to use summer tires.

Authorities, in case of heavy snowfall in the city transport to the capital, especially Metro and Ankaray, especially recommended to use public transport.

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