Vehicles to Prevent Metrobus Accidents a Early Warning System cak will be installed

early warning system will be installed on vehicles to prevent metrobus accidents
early warning system will be installed on vehicles to prevent metrobus accidents

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) launched an investigation into the metrobus accident this morning. The condition of the slightly injured 13 passenger being treated is closely monitored. İETT, which carries out important works to prevent such accidents from recurring, will also install an Uyarı Early Warning System a on the vehicles.

Metrobus line in the morning on Sunday in front of the bus crashed Halıcıoğlu bus as an accident occurred. 13 citizen slightly injured in the accident. The wounded, 112 teams Samatya (3), Okmeydanı (4), Florence Nightingale (2), Cerrahpasa (2), Sisli Etfal (2) was referred to hospitals.

IETT teams lifted the vehicles in the station, voyages returned to the normal course. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which has initiated an extensive investigation about the incident, also closely monitors the health status of the passengers who continue their treatment.


IMM is carrying out serious works in order to prevent accidents occurring in Metrobus line which carries 7 thousand times with 220 thousand kilometers per day and carrying 1 million passengers.

All drivers are trained at least once a year on issues such as emergency, fire, vehicle physical characteristics and safe driving. In addition, 17 Transportation Academy project will be implemented on a thousand square meter land, driver training will be provided in more appropriate physical environments, more scientific methods will be provided.

Another measure is the removal of 12 wet and 1.5 million kilometers of buses from Metrobus vehicles. Instead of these vehicles, a new generation of safer and higher passenger capacity for the purchase of vehicles will be concluded quickly.

According to IETT data; the number of accidents on the line is also falling. 2016 in 804, 2017 in 640, 2018 accident in 404 occurred, and even 2019 in 189 was the accident.

In addition, efforts are underway to install an early warning system on vehicles to further reduce accidents. The system can take on important tasks such as vehicle tracking system that controls speed limits, lane change warning system and intelligent braking system for safer and more comfortable driving.

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