World Hearing Impaired Cycling Championship Breaths!

the world's breathtaking cycling championship breathtaking
the world's breathtaking cycling championship breathtaking

In coordination with the Governorate of Gaziantep, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department Presidency to Turkey Deaf Sports in the Federation of cooperation that xnumx'ünc held for the first time in Turkey World Deaf The second day of Cycling Championships, was the scene of tough competition

Yelisaveta Topchaniuk from Ukraine, Victoria Vyacheslavovna Shiryavskova from Ukraine and Aleksandra Ruslanovna Evdokimova from Russia entered the 25 kilometer women category. In the 35 kilometer men, Dmitry Andreevich Rozanov from Russia, Ivan Vladimirovich Makarov from the same country and Pavel Arciszewski from Poland won the medal.

Gazi city, which draws attention with international organizations that are worthy of “Sport Friendly City” identity, will host the excitement hurricane until 29 Saturday on November 02 with the World Hearing Impaired Cycling Championship which was launched on 2019 October Republic Day. In the championship, Turkey as well as the US, Brazil, Czech Republic (Czech Republic), Greece, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, 50 hearing impaired athletes Zambia and Ukraine, in challenging trails, shed sweat to win a medal.

On the second day of the championship, the Individual Time Contests in the women's and men's category raised adrenaline and excited the audience. 25 and 35 kilometers of race in a relentless race in the race of athletes was appreciated.

Starting from 56022 Street, 25 female athletes competed in the 12 kilometer track established on the Kilis Road route in front of Gaziantep Zoo in the direction of Burç Road. Brazilian Livia De Assis Trivizol was disqualified from the competition. Yelisaveta Topchaniuk from Ukraine, won the gold medal in the competition. Topchaniuk was followed by Aleksandra Ruslanovna Evdokimova of Russia and Victoria Vyacheslavovna Shiryavskova.

Dmitry Andreevich Rozanov of Russia was the winner of the 35 male competitor who competed in the 14 kilometer course, followed by his compatriot Ivan Vladimirovich Makarov, and Polish Pavel Arciszewski came third in the competition.

In the team rankings at the end of the day, Russia minute 1 34 26 hours seconds to first, Poland-minute 1 44 21 hours seconds to second, while Turkey was third 1 50 hours minutes seconds at 8.


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