Railroad Children Group Gathered at Camlik Train Museum

railroad children's group met at the mosque train museum
railroad children's group met at the mosque train museum

Turkey's many Demiryolc Children Group members from many provinces, the town of Selcuk Aydin met at the train museum in the town summerhouse.

Approximately 200 people in the Railroad Children Group, which they formed on social media, met at Çamlık Steam Locomotive Museum and took souvenir photos with locomotives where their fathers and wives served about 40 years ago.

200 people from the provinces of Afyonkarahisar, İzmir, Uşak, Zonguldak, Konya and Kayseri participated in the breakfast meeting organized by the group founders Serkan Basavul and his friends. Approximately 40 years ago, the participants told their stories to each other that they grew up among the trains at the station lodging. Refreshing the memories of the group members, occasionally caused emotional moments. Group manager Serkan Basavul said in a statement: “We established this group so that their fathers, wives, retired, deceased Railroad Children Groups could meet from time to time. Because railroading is a love, a profession that wants sacrifice. While their father was working in the remote stations of Anatolia, these friends grew up experiencing the same difficulties in those stations and they had school problems. They lived in station lodging in harsh winter conditions. Each one's life story is different. We meet several times a year, and we are happy. ”

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