Delayed Buses Under Supervision of UKOM

delayed buses in the observation of ukomun
delayed buses in the observation of ukomun

Transportation Coordination Center (UKOM), established within the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Traffic Management with the latest technological equipment, works with the supervision and monitoring principle of 7 / 24. In the center, which is constantly monitored with cameras placed at important points, and the immediate response to the notices received from the citizens, the negativity and returns on the traffic routes are solution-oriented and fast.


Public transport is kept under control by the inspections made by the personnel within the UKOM unit. UKOM, which controls the morning departure times of the buses operating under the cooperatives, regularly performs the necessary operations and warnings about the vehicles and the failures detected during the day. UKOM, which works in coordination with field teams and 153 Call Center, continuously monitors vehicle working hours, route controls and stops and exits, and responds immediately to possible violations.


In order to increase the service quality and citizen satisfaction, the controls carried out by UKOM are carried out instantly by means of electronic toll collection and vehicle tracking system and the cameras in the vehicles. In addition, with the MOBESE cameras located in the important points of the city, UKOM monitors the traffic density and problems that may interfere with the transportation and can intervene immediately when it deems necessary.


Public transportation vehicles, taxis, service owners and drivers who violate the rules determined by the public transport regulation, service vehicles regulation, commercial taxi regulation on vehicles that are found to be infringed within the scope of the regulations regarding the subjects of the victimization of the citizen; Administrative sanctions are imposed in accordance with the laws of 1608 and 5326.



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