96th Age of the Republic Kadıköywill be celebrated with enthusiasm in

pearl age of the republic will be celebrated
pearl age of the republic will be celebrated

Kadıköy Municipality completed the preparations for the "Republic March" to be held on Bağdat Street for the 96th anniversary of the Republic. For 29 October Republican March, scenes where dance performances will be held on Bağdat Street will be established, and the walk, which will be accompanied by torches and flags, will also be watched from the giant screens set up on the street.

Kadıköy Municipality has completed the preparations for the "Republic March" which is the culmination of the October 29 Republic Day celebrations. The Traditional Republican March will start at 19.00:3 on Sudatiye Işıklar, Bağdat Caddesi. Dance performances, DJ performances and Republic Marching Band performances of the Children's Art Center Orchestra and Choir students will take place in XNUMX stages established on the walking route that will end at Caddebostan İskele Sokak. Republic truck and cortege transition, specially prepared with Turkish flags and illuminated led screens, can also be watched live from giant screens installed at different points of the street. Republic lovers will participate in the march with Turkish flags, Ataturk posters and torches, creating colorful images.


October 29 Republic Day celebrations will start from the morning hours. Convoys of bicycles and classic cars at 10.00 am Kadıköywill move to. The cycling cortege, which will be created by the Cumhuriyet Convoy organized by the Istanbul Classic Automobile Association, and the 29 October Cyclists, will start in the 60th Year Göztepe Park and end in Beşiktaş Dolmabahçe.


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